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Highlighting Webpages with Wired-Marker


Wired-Marker add on for Firefox

If you do a lot of research or just browsing on webpages and you want a way to keep track of information – then this little add on is for you! Now I just love macjournal for saving little snippets of information – sometimes screenshots that I take of passwords or settings in software etc. But this highlighter creates it’s own scrapbook of all the information you highlighted along with the page’s url.

It’s an indelible marker too – in that when you revisit the page your highlighted parts will still be there!

Also, many may use it as a sort of electronic bookmark – since you can actually bookmark specific positions in a web page instead of just the url.

Installing Wired-Marker

Now you should be using Firefox – if not change now! Safari is great but you just can’t beat the number of amazing free plugins that Firefox offers. I’m using a load of them including: Read Later, Scribe Fire, Tube Stop, Twitter Bar and more.

If you’re not using Firefox yet – download it here.

Once you have it installed – open it and go to Tools > Add Ons

Wired Marker for Firefox

Wired Marker for Firefox

Select Get Add Ons

In the window that pops up – there is a search bar – do a search for: Wired-Marker

Click on Add to Firefox

Then Install

You’ll be asked to RESTART Firefox – just do so.

Ok you’re now ready to use it.

Just go to any page – highlight some text and then right click over it – select Wired-Marker and choose the colour you want to highlight with. This will save that highlighted text and url in your wired-marker folder.

To see your previous highlighted text – click on Wired-Marker in the top Menu of Firefox. You can see all your pages listed under each Marker – or you can just open a side bar by selecting Wired-Marker (option-X is the default short cut key).

3 Responses to “Highlighting Webpages with Wired-Marker”

  1. MacMummy says:

    Thanks for the info. It’s very useful!

  2. Dean says:

    What causes my Safari page highlight on it own with me trying to highlight it?
    Also a web page will come even if i didn’t click on it?
    Would be good to delete it and reinstall it?

  3. admin says:

    I think that would be a good idea – it doesn’t seem to happen to me…

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