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Better clipboard for copy and paste on Mac


If you’re doing a lot of writing or researching online you’re probably already frustrated with the fact that you can only copy and paste one thing at a time. It means you have to keep flipping between pages to copy this then paste that… and then back to the other page to copy then paste.

This is where this little utility comes in and changes your productivity forever!


It’s a utility for mac that saves a bunch of copied items to a clip board that you can use anytime. And it’s free!

Just go to their website: CLICK HERE

And click on the dmg file on the right hand side to download the application.

clip menu website

And click on the dmg file on the right hand side to download the application.

download clip menu

Next – drag Clip Menu into your applications folder and launch it. It will ask if you want to launch clip menu on system startup – say yes and continue.

Now it should be running in the background so anytime you copy something usingĀ  COMMAND C whatever you copied will be stored in it’s clipboard. You can access this clipboard by going to the top of your screen where you see a little clipboard. Click on that:

accessing the clip board

You will see a history of things you’ve copied. Now you can change the way it displays by selecting PREFERENCES. You can have them stored in little folders – but I like all mine shown inline which is exactly what you see above.

You can also ask it to mark menu items with numbers in preferences:

Clip Menu mark menu items with numbers


This is very useful for quick pasting – you can just click Command 8 or whichever number to paste the according content into whatever you’re writing or editing.

Clip Menu numbered menu

If you don’t want to go up to the top of your screen and click on the clipboard everytime you want to paste something – just do this:

Hold down Command + Shift

then press V

Command Shift V

This will bring a little window up of your clipboard – then simply select the clipping you want to paste and voila it pastes right into your working document.

Clip Menu numbered menu

You can also add snippets – pieces of text you use all the time (particularly if you’re a coder or have repetitive text you write to answer emails etc) – into the application. Just open it’s Preferences and go to snippets:

Clip Menu snippets

Then you can access these anytime just by using COMMAND SHIFT V

Great productivity tool that has saved me hours already!

Let me know what you think of it and if it helps you. If you have any other tools that can help in this way do let me know below!


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