Best Web Hosting in Singapore


Buffer emailprintDigg DiggI’ve set up multiple websites and used quite a few web hosts in Singapore, US and Malaysia and I have to say that this is the best web hosting provider I’ve used thus far: I have always used their SHARED HOSTING, Host Value plan which starts from $8 per month (if you sign up for the 24 month
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clip menu website

Better clipboard for copy and paste on Mac

If you’re doing a lot of writing or researching online you’re probably already frustrated with the fact that you can only copy and paste one thing at a time. It means you have to keep flipping between pages to copy this then paste that… and then back to the other page to copy then paste. This is where this little
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How to screen capture on a Mac

Screen capture or taking screen shots on a mac is very easy! There are quite a few pieces of software that help you do it but it’s also built into Mac OSX. Full Screen Capture To take a picture of your entire mac screen simply: Hold down the COMMAND and SHIFT key then press the number: 3 COMMAND + SHIFT
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Export for Web

Compressing Video for the Web

Here’s a quick and easy way to compress a video for the mobile web. Many professionals use Apple’s Compressor which used to come bundled with Final Cut Studio. You can now purchase Compressor separately and I would highly recommend it – it may take a little longer for your compression but it gives great results. This method creates videos that
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Bootable Backup of your Hard Drive Mac OS X

Creating a Bootable Backup of your Mac Now, I strongly suggest creating a bootable backup of your mac – why? – you may ask? Well, it’s so that in the unfortunate event that your mac dies or is stolen you have all your information and can access it immediately on another computer. Or, in the instance that only the hard
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Best way to delete software from your mac – AppTrap

Deleting software cleanly – AppTrap From time to time you’ll need to delete software off your mac – you may have tried a demo or maybe you upgraded. Either way you want to get rid of the software but there’s often no uninstaller (this is a program that came with the installer¬† – it systematically removes ALL the files and
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Highlighting Webpages with Wired-Marker

Wired-Marker add on for Firefox If you do a lot of research or just browsing on webpages and you want a way to keep track of information – then this little add on is for you! Now I just love macjournal for saving little snippets of information – sometimes screenshots that I take of passwords or settings in software etc.
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MacJournal – organising my entire mac life

I have been MacJournaling for I don’t know how long now and it has become my most used mac program probably next to mac mail. I must open it over 30 or 40 times a day and I have a morbid fear of losing the data in it. My entire life is wrapped up in the inner workings of this
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